Rajasthan Housing Board Contact Number, Address | RHB Projects Scheme, Contact Details | Rajasthan Housing Board Offices Address & Phone Number, Mobile No.


Rajasthan Housing Board Contact Number, Address | RHB Projects Scheme, Contact Details | Rajasthan Housing Board Offices Address & Phone Number

Rajasthan Housing Board is Government body for building Houses for High income, medium income and low income category persons in Cities of india. RHB reserves space for devlopment like Road, Electricity, water, parks, Schools, shops in Schemes of Board.

RHB works are in most of Cities of rajasthan state.

Rajasthan Housing Board Head office Contact Address

“AWAS BHAWAN”, Jan Path, Jyoti Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA
Contact No. – 0141-2740812 / 2740113 / 2740614
Fax Number – 0141-2740175 / 2740593 / 2740746
E-Mail address – rhbjpr@dataone.in, info@rhbmail.in
official Website – www.rhbonline.rajasthan.gov.in

Office and Officer in various cities of rajasthan with mobile number and phone number

Deputy Housing Commissioner, Circle-I,RHB, Sector-5, Pratap Nagar, Near Pratap Plaza, Tonk Road, Jaipur
Phone Number – 0141-2791320

Resident Engineer, Div.-V, RHB, Sector-29, Pratap Apartment, Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road, Sanganer, Jaipur
Mobile Number – 9983349407, Phone Number – 0141-2793479, Email id – rejpr5@rhbmail.in

Deputy Housing Commissioner, Circle-Alwar,RHB, Near Bus Stand, Manu Marg, Pratap Nagar Colony, C.E.B., Alwar
Phone Number – 0144-2332612, Mobile Number – 9828109443, E-mail Id – dhcalwar@rhbmai.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Bhiwadi, RHB, Opp. Ashiyana Green, Bhiwadi (Distt. Alwar)
Mobile No. – 9983993868, 01493-230484, rebhiwadi@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Bharatpur, RHB, 2-A-1, S.T.C. Colony, Bharatpur
Mobile Number – 9828551606, Phone – 05644-223672, rebharatpur@rhbmail.in

Deputy Housing Commissioner, Circle-Kota,RHB, Behind Nagar Vikas Nyas, C.A.D. Circle, Kota
Phone Number – 0744-2500721, Mobile Number – 9672980512, email address – dhckota@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Kota, RHB, Opp. Forest Department, Baran
Mobile Number – 9983993883, rebaran@rhbmail.in

Deputy Housing Commissioner, Circle-Jodhpur-I,RHB, Sector-11, Chopsani Housing Board, Jodhpur
Phone Number – 0291-2700874, Mobile Number – 9828109429, dhcjodhpur1@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-II, RHB, Sector-4, Kuri Bhagtasani Scheme, Jodhpur
Mobile – 9983993940, Phone – 0291-2730015, rejdpr2@rhbmail.in


Resident Engineer, Div.-Pali, RHB, Jodhpur Road, Pali
Mobile Number – 9983993909, 02932-256371, repali@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Jaisalmer, RHB, Jethwai Road, Kishanghat, Jaisalmer
Mobile No. – 9783810114, 02992-254820, rejaisalmer@rhbmail.in

Deputy Housing Commissioner, Circle-Bikaner,RHB, Sector-4, Mukta Prasad Nagar, Bikaner
Phone Number – 0151-2226971, Mobile Number – 9828109419, dhcbikaner@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Hanumangarh, RHB, 9/58-59, Hanumangarh
Mobile Number – 9828109465, 01552-2244318, rehanumangarh@rhbmail.in

Deputy Housing Commissioner, Circle-II,RHB, Thadi Market, Agarwal Farm, Mansarovar, Jaipur
Phone Number – 0141-2782772, Mobile Number – 9828109439, dhcjpr2@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Ajmer, RHB, Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer
Mobile No. – 9414302985, 0145-2641894, email address – reajmer@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-VI, RHB, 63/5-A, Behind Shyma Prasad Mukharjee Park, Mansarovar, Jaipur
Mobile Number – 9782941260, Phone – 0141-2782531, Email address – rejpr6@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Jhunjhunu, RHB, 2/3-4, Old Colony, Churu Road, Jhunjhunu
Mobile Number – 9649909266, Phone – 01592-232319, rejhunjhunu@rhbmail.in

Deputy Housing Commissioner, Circle-III,RHB, Near Jawahar Circle, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
Phone Number – 0141-2723844, Mobile Number – 9828109439, dhcjpr3@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-XI, RHB, Sector-4, Indra Gandhi Nagar, Jagatpura, Jaipur
Mobile Number – 9983349404, Contact No. – 0141-2170571, rejpr11@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Dausa, RHB, 1/68, Khan Bhaakri Road, Dausa
Mobile Number – 9983993846, Phone No. – 01427-223875, redausa@rhbmail.in

Deputy Housing Commissioner, Circle-Udaipur,RHB, Sector-11, Salumber Circle, Hiranmagri, Udaipur
Phone Number – 0294-2583327, Mobile Number – 9828109474, dhcudpr@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Bhilwara, RHB, R.K. Colony, Bhilwara
Mobile Number – 9982229647, Contact Number – 01462-220312, rebhilwara@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Chittorgarh, RHB, 1-B-48-49, Sainti Sahagawa, Chittorgarh
Mobile Number – 9983993897, Phone No. – 01472-241163, rechittorgarh@rhbmail.in

Resident Engineer, Div.-Dungerpur, RHB, Shivaji Nagar, Dungerpur
Mobile Number – 9828109478, Phone – 02964-232288, redungarpur@rhbmail.in


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