Cello Thermoware Contact Phone No. | Cello Water Jugs Bottles Tiffins Complaints, Helpline | Cello Thermoware Dealers Head Office Contact Address


Cello Thermoware Customer Care Number, Toll Free Number | Cello Thermoware Water Jugs, Bottles, Tiffins Complaints, Helpline | Cello Thermoware Dealers Contact Address, Number

Cello Thermoware is manufacturer of Heat Resisting Thermal Resist Vacuum Flasks, Casseroles, Tiffins, Water Bottles, Water Jugs. Cello Thermoware Pots keep Food Hot and Safe in Even Cold Weather. Cello Water Jugs can keep water cold or Hot more than 24 Hours.

Cello Thermoware Products range

  • Cello Thermoware Water Jugs
  • Cello Thermoware Water Bottles
  • Cello Thermoware Lunch Carriers
  • Cello Thermoware Hot Pots
  • Cello Thermoware Vaccum Flasks
  • Cello Thermoware Belt Flasks
  • Cello Thermoware Ice Pails
  • Cello Thermoware Ice Pack
  • Cello Thermoware Tuff Jug
  • Cello Thermoware Soft Touch
  • Cello Thermoware Steel Product
  • Cello P.E.T. Bottles
  • Cello Utility Containers
  • Cello Ceramica Container, Appetizer Set, Bowl, Ceramica Jug, Dining Set, Glass Set
  • Cello Household Basin
  • Cello Household Bathroom Sets
  • Cello Household Buckets
  • Cello Household Basket
  • Cello Household Glass & Tumblers
  • Cello Household Jugs
  • Cello Household Mug
  • Cello Household Soap Case
  • Cello Household Buckets With Lid
  • Cello Household Stool
  • Cello Household Storage Drum
  • Cello Household Garbage Bucket
  • Cello Household Trays
  • Cello Household Utility Basket
  • Cello Household 100 % BPA Free Bottles
  • Cello Household Shelves & Organizers
  • Cello Household Ice Trays
  • Cello Fit & Fresh

Cello Thermoware Head Office Contact Address, Number

Cello House, Corporate Avenue, ‘B’ Wing, Sonawala Road, Goregaon (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone Number – 022-26851027 / 26853080, Fax No. – 022-26853333

Cello Atlas Water Jug 10 L Price is Rs. 775.00


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4 Responses to “Cello Thermoware Contact Phone No. | Cello Water Jugs Bottles Tiffins Complaints, Helpline | Cello Thermoware Dealers Head Office Contact Address”

  1. Harpreet Singh says:

    Dear sir
    i buy cello thermal water bottles 750ml and 500ml
    In 500 ml bottle cold water turned in normal temp. In 4 hours
    i want to replce and complaint

  2. mahesh says:

    Dear cello,, I bought a thermoware lunch box on 01/06/15 from S.IBRAHIM & co. chalai bazar,trivandrum.but i am not satisfied..i have to replace it

  3. Rajesh K Bansal says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I purchase your 5lt Cello thermoware from Gupta Crockery, Sadhu Mandi Market, Kuruksheta-136118 but the shopkeeper is not giving me any bill and purchase document.

    जब मैने यह 5लीटर पानी की कैम्पर खरीदा तो इसका Tap मुश्किल से खुलता व बन्द होता था, इस पर दुकानदार ने कहा था कि यदि कोइ समस्या आती है तो हम टैप बदल देन्गे। लेकिन दो सप्ताह बाद भी समस्या जैसे की तैसी है और दुकानदार न तो इसके बदले दूसरा कैम्पर देना चाहता है और न ही इसकी टैप बारे कुछ समाधान करता है।

    यदि Cello जैसे ब्रान्ड मे इस प्रकार की समस्या आती है तो आपमे और लोकल दिल्ली के बने कैम्पर मे क्या फर्क है? यह मै नही समझ पा रहा हु क्योकि हम आज तक नाम की वजह से आपके प्रोडक्ट खरीदते आये है लेकिन यदि आप भी समय आने पर लोकल घटिया प्रोडक्ट की भाति behave करेन्गे तो …………………………?
    राजेश कुमार बन्सल
    कुरुक्षेत्र -136118

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